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Child Support Guidelines
Theory, and Practice

Guideline Economics offers an alternative to the Income Shares and Percentage of Obligor Income methods of calculating child support, commonly used in U.S. states and many countries. Our method is based upon the actual costs of children and sound economics.
     We also feature sophisticated calculations of deviations to the child support presumptive awards that are currently in use.
     This site provides a wide array of information, research, and products on the many methods of calculating child support and correctly calculating deviations.


Primer on Child Support Deviations
Child support guideline awards are not written in stone. Whether you are a noncustodial or custodial parent you have the right to ask the court to make an award that differs from the presumptive amount if your case warrants. Read more (PDF).
Calculators for GA Deviations
GA CLE Deviations Seminar
March 26, Marietta
Four regular CLE hours for GA lawyers. Public welcome.
   * Develop convincing numbers for Schedule E; rebut others'.
   * Seminar material independently available. Click here.
Click here for details and registration.
Click here for seminar materials only.



Modify Your Child Support
Economic hard times can make it more important to modify child a support order. This helpful page is by the federal DHHS but also contains misinformation. It says parenting time is factored in when it is not. Also, look up your state's modification process.
A primer for child support guidelines
Prepared independently for Montana’s child support review panel. For more details and comments by R. Mark Rogers go to Montana.
Many reservists have a sudden loss in income and need to modify child support obligations or face heavy arrearage.  For details go to News & Information and select “Reservists.”
The Economics of Child Support Determination
These presentation slides in PDF show the factors that need to go into child support guidelines and awards. Given by R. Mark Rogers to the Fathers and Families Conference in Detroit, June, 2005.
Child Support Schedule and Parenting: Time Adjustment Issues (PDF)
Though a submission to the Georgia Child Support Commission, this paper's examination of allowances in child support awards for the division of parenting time is relevant and useful to any jurisdictions.
Why Would a Custodial Parent Hire a Child Costs Expert?
A PDF document.

High Income Families
Those who earn more than $60,000 a year, or where both parents' combined income is over $100,000, are at greatest risk for excessive child support awards.

Critique of PSI's Income Shares (PDF)
This thorough critique of Policy Studies Inc.’s Income Shares model for child support was presented on March 31, 2006 by R. Mark Rogers to the Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts and the Alabama Guideline Review Panel. Also available as a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.
The Law And Economics Of Child Support Payments
This book is a collection of papers by R. M. Rogers, Sanford Braver, and others and provides important citation material. They find that child support guidelines currently in use in the U.S. typically generate awards three to four times what they would be if based on economically sound cost tables and a true equal duty of support for both parents. See the full description [MSWord.] Available at the publisher's web site and (least costly) Barnes and Noble.