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Child Support Consulting

R. Mark Rogers can provide economic research, consulting, and presentations for:

Review State Child Support Guidelines.
Develop State Guidelines.
State Guideline Constitutional Challenge.
Individual Cases: Argue Deviations from Guidelines
Mentor financial experts in child support issues and calculations.
Advise lawyers on the economic basis for legal arguments.

Call the phone the number at the bottom for an estimate. Acceptance of any assignment is subject to his availability. A retainer is normally required.

Review State Child Support Guidelines
Each state is required by federal regulations to review the appropriateness of their guidelines no less than every four years. Rogers can research existing guidelines and advise on their vulnerability to constitutional challenge, level of compliance with federal regulations, and compliance with mainstream economic theory and practice (economic appropriateness, as required by 45 CFR 302.56), as well as offer options.

Develop State Child Support Guideline
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Whether for a state government committee or a state citizens' group, Mr. Rogers can help develop a child support guideline proposal that complies with federal regulations, federal and state constitutions, and is economically appropriate (founded in generally accepted economic theory and practice and meets the needs of children).

State Guideline Constitutional Challenge
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Mr. Rogers will only work with one or more lawyers on such a case. No pro se.

Rogers is an expert witness on child costs and child support guidelines. The cost of just the research will vary widely from state to state as each is very different. As an example, New Jersey’s laws are relatively complex and would be more expensive than New York, a state with simpler guidelines. Call Mr. Rogers for an estimate as he is familiar with most state laws.

Individual Cases: Argue Variances and Deviations
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Rogers is an expert witness on child costs and child support guidelines and can provide several levels of assistance to individual cases wishing to rebut the use of their state’s guidelines as their legal argument, or simply argue for a variance from the guideline amount. His preference is to work with a lawyer to provide the research and exhibits, and present them in court. However, for non-custodial parents with limited financial resources, Rogers can do any of the following: be your expert witness, only provide pre-trial analysis, provide exhibits, assist a local economist or financial expert to act as the expert witness, or give phone-based coaching on a pay-as-you-go basis. Rogers is available to also help custodial parents in child support cases: see this PDF.

However . . .
Note 1: Rogers is NOT a lawyer. He can not and will not give legal advice. He is an economist and can only advise (and testify) as to the economic appropriateness of your state's guidelines relative to your case, plus offer an alternative based on actual child costs. (Do not go into court without an alternative.) However, his economic analysis is structured to meet sound legal principles and case law on child support.

Note 2: Please use this web site first to familiarize yourself with the issues and options. Review COSTshares Primer and How To Fight Your Case.

Level of support is subject to Rogers’ availability. A pay-as-you-go arrangement is availabe in lieu of a fuller commitment.

Mentor Other Financial Experts
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Other economists and accountants are invited to consult with Mr. Rogers on cases they are willing to handle.

Advise Lawyers on Economic Arguments
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Lawyers who handle child support cases are invited to consult with Mr. Rogers on approaches for their state. CLE seminars are available for Georgia.

R. Mark Rogers
Rogers Economics
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