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Alabama Child Support
Base Formula: Income Shares. (For explanation, see Income Shares Model.)

Calculators for Presumptive Award
    [Links on this page are for information only. Guideline Economics does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of other’s on-line calculators.
Note: Presumptive amounts are awarded only if uncontested. For ideas on contesting a child support amount, see Presenting Your Case.]

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Citizens Groups
    [Links on this page are for information only. They do not necessarily constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any organization, group, or philosophy.]  
  Alabama Family Rights Association
Alabama Coalition for Fathers and Children
Children’s Rights Council (national)
American Coalition for Fathers and Children (national)

Articles and Analysis

Report to Administrative Office of the Courts and the Guideline Review Panel [PDF]
Presented by R. Mark Rogers on March 31, 2006, this report provides a detailed critique of the standard Income Shares guideline proposals for Alabama and offers economic alternatives. Also: the PowerPoint presentation [PDF]

Economic flaws in Alabama guidelines [PDF]
R. Mark Rogers testified on March 12, 2004 before the Alabama Child Support Review Panel in Montgomery, Alabama. This report is a brief memorandum on the economic flaws of Alabama’s child support guidelines and contains suggestions on what the state might do to conform with federal regulations for economically sound guidelines.

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