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Georgia Child Support Commission

On April 22, 2005, House Bill 221 became law. It overhauled Georgia’s child support calculations effective January 1, 2007. A Commission has been appointed that is responsible for its administration, including determining the cost schedule.

If you have comments to make on the state’s child support guidelines, you are urged to send them to your state representative. However, you can send comments on issues and policies regarding administration and interpretation of the law to the Commission’s e-mail address: childsupport@gaaoc.us

The final legislation creating the new child support guidelines – Senate Bill 382 – can be seen here. Its legislative history is here.

Commission Begins 2008 Review of Guidelines

The New Legislation

The Debate Over Child Cost Tables

This issue determines the amount of child support. How do you calculate the cost of raising a child? The first two papers are from Policy Studies Inc., and the third shows how they overestimate child costs.

Minutes of Meetings - Full Commission

Minutes of Meetings - Statute Review Subcommittee

The Statute Review Subcommittee is, along with the Economic Study Subcommittee, the most important subcommittee of the new commission as will recommend clarifications to HB 221 to the 2006 legislature. It's first meeting was held June 23, 2005.

Minutes of Meetings - Economic Study Subcommittee

Minutes of Meetings - Forms Subcommittee

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