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New Jersey Child Support
Base Formula: Income Shares. (For explanation see Income Shares Model.)

Calculators for Presumptive Award
    [Links on this page are for information only. Guideline Economics does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of other’s on-line calculators.
Note: Presumptive amounts are awarded only if uncontested. For ideas on contesting a child support amount, see Presenting Your Case.]

Related Information
  New Jersey child support statute
New Jersey child support enforcement agency
New Jersey State Bar Association
Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement

Citizens Groups
    [Links on this page are for information only. They do not necessarily constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any organization, group, or philosophy.]  
  Fathers’ and Childrens’ Equality of New Jersey
Children’s Rights Council (national)
American Coalition for Fathers and Children (national)

Articles and Analysis
  New Jersey Economic Basis for Updated Child Support Schedule [PDF], Policy Studies Inc., March30, 2004.
A report to the New Jersey legislative committee for child support that attempts to justify the state's guidelines.

New Jersey Findings from Child Support Order Case File Reviews [PDF], Policy Studies Inc., January 12, 2005.
A report to the New Jersey legislative committee on the extent to which the state guidelines are being applied, and the incidence and reasons for deviations.

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