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Virginia Child Support
Base Formula: Income Shares. (For explanation see Income Shares Model.)

Calculators for Presumptive Award
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Note: Presumptive amounts are awarded only if uncontested. For ideas on contesting a child support amount, see Presenting Your Case.]
  Virginia Department of Social Services

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Citizens Groups
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  Virginia Family Law Reform Coalition
Fathers For Virginia
Children’s Rights Council (national)
American Coalition for Fathers and Children (national)

Articles and Analysis

Economic Flaws in Proposed Virginia Child Support Cost Schedules [PDF] Presentation to the Virginia Joint Legislative Ad Hoc Committee on Child Support re Senate Bill No. 1312 (2003), November, 2003, by R. Mark Rogers.  

Legal Flaws in Senate Bill 1312 [PDF] by constitutional law consultant John Remington Graham, submitted January, 2004.

After the above two presentations the Committee tabled (dropped) House Bill 1312.

A Brief Economic Critique of Virginia’s Child Support Guidelines and Recommendations [PDF] presentation to the Virginia Child Support Guideline Review Panel, May 23, 2002, by R. Mark Rogers.
Reviews the flawed underlying economic study for Virginia’s child support guideline tables, discusses what the appropriate legal standards are for child support guidelines, demonstrates with economic exhibits that the presumptive awards are excessive, and shows the accounting flaws in the typical “multiplier” for shared parenting situations in Income Shares guidelines.  This critique applies to Income Shares child support guidelines in other states.

Virginia's Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, 1999.
This Commission conducted activities related to the state’s federally required four year review of its child support guidelines.
     The panel had concerns regarding the reliability and validity of the data and studies upon which the guidelines were based. They questioned the equity and validity of the current guidelines but felt that no preferable alternative was available so recommended that the existing guidelines be retained as an interim solution and that the General Assembly should authorize a Virginia-specific study of the cost of raising children in non-intact families to be used as for the next review of the guidelines.  Several reports came out of this, including:

Memorandum from Richard J. Byrd [MSWord] to Virginia Quadrennial Guideline Review Panel Regarding Analysis of the PSI Study and Recommendations. May 26, 1999.

Improving State Child Support Guidelines [PDF] Donald J. Bieniewicz.
The author prepared this paper in response to a written request from Joseph S. Crane, Chairman, 1999 Virginia Child Support Quadrennial Review Panel, for a submission setting forth the author’s method and suggestions as to guidelines for determining child support award amounts. The author was an appointed member of an expert panel that provided advice on the general nature of the research and made recommendations that appeared in Evaluation of Child Support Guidelines, prepared by CSR, Inc, for the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) in 1996. He is also author of a model child support guideline that appeared as Chapter 11 in Child Support Guidelines: the Next Generation, which was published by the OCSE in 1994.

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